Monday, February 2, 2009

monday morning

morning ,its nice and sunny ,not sure how cold it is..yesterday was great i didnt even wear a so looking forward to spring...sitting on my deck in the morning was my favorite time of the day,and listening to the crow that appeared every morning..we some how adopted a stray cat ,it keeps coming on my deck.when it was really cold we let him in ,he was a layed back kind of cat,but then we noticed it doesnt know how to use the litter box,so he was leaving crap all over we had to throw him out..there is a story about this uncle lives a few houses away.i was telling him about this cat,this cat has no tail,and my unlce said he knows that cat.the cat used to try and chase the birds he one day he got so bad at the cat he took him in his car and drove a 45 minutes away and left him find another place to bother ..this happened a year or so..a few months later he seen the cat crossing the street by his house ,he couldnt believe that cat found his way back now we just leave food on the deck for him ,but not let him in.. well got to get ready for work ,enjoy your day!!!