Wednesday, July 29, 2009

happy hump day

good morning ,almost to the seems like a weekend ,two of my best friends came over for a cook out,one of my friends lives in Pittsburgh,the first pic is my daughter and my friends daughter taylor,they both grew up since they were babies,the second picture is me and my friend sue from pittsburgh,then my other friend that moved back here from michigan..we were enjoying some wine, the next pic is my two friends and my daughter creepy up to be in the pic. then the last pic was from earlier when we were eating ,my friend sue ,had her sister stop over ,she is way to funny,so there was all of us ,we really enjoyed talking about the old days and just connecting with each other ,these two friends have been in my life for 25 years,so glad we got together,,im so blessed to have friends in my life for that sure you all know what i mean...enjoy your day...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

sunday morning

its a really nice day ,finally having a nice weekend without rain,,these pictures are from a concert we have at our lake front,,its very popular many people come to listen to
the music ,its every thursday,with differant bands everyweek ,i enjoy going there ,its free and they do have venders on hand..we bring are chairs down there and bring snacks..its nice to know there is a place where you can relax and hear great music......hope everyone is enjoying there summer..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wednesday morning

good morning,my son went to the all star baseball game in st louis,,my son is a sports freak,,lol he was so excited to be there...he got alot of signatures, and of course obama was there too.i wonder where he gets that ,my ex husband never did sports or any of my side ..some of the cousins are in to it ..justin lives for sports..have you noticed how fast this summer is flying by,i cant believe its all most august.... and swimming ,cooking not in a hurry for autumn,i do love the fall ,but i need more time to be in the sun...well hope everyone is having a great summer .

Saturday, July 11, 2009

saturday afternoon

thats me and dawnie in her car going on the ferry. then there is greg and my jim..crossing the ferry..
my daughter tiffany and i ,the view was wonderful.the middle girl is tara,, dawns daughter and the other two are her cute grandaughter

here is the camp site,dawnies got two trailors on ther lot,,it was really fun ,enjoyed relaxing and of course thanks for stopping by..

Monday, July 6, 2009

monday morning

well hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!i really enjoyed mine..a few weeks ago i was shopping around ,saw these two pitchers,they were differant and thats what caught my eye,i couldnt believe how nice they were,i actually found them at the dollor tree,,yes ,can you believe that ,they were the last two, friends come over and ask where did i get them ,they dont believe i got them at the dollor store..i have to say it was one of the best things i ever got a there .well i have to get going to work ,hope everyone has a great day,thanks for stopping by..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

good morning,ive been so darn busy ,i have to blame it on the summer,im enjoying being outside,cooking out and just most of us are doing it favorite is finding treasures,i went to a rummage sale ,and i find these two cover books,one goes in the bigger one,and they look like a letter,the outside is hard ,and i know ive seen these before ,but for the price i got ,i bought it,ill be putting stuff inside,i really like them,something differant...well im heading off for my short week at work,,enjoy your day....