Monday, February 23, 2009

monday evening

well i made it back from my four day vacation..i really enjoyed my time with my grandson.and the weather was in the forties and fifties and the grass was nice and green.cant wait to see green around here. dylan (my grandson) has a little sister who just turned one years old,her name is ragen ,she has a differant daddy..but since my grandson calls me nana, she started calling me that too,and her father told me he would love to have her call me that .that made me happy..her mommy got her the pink dress,and ending up taking it off because she torn up the birthday cake ,what a happy dylan is growing so fast and i miss him already ,in fact he took a day off of school cause he wanted to go to the airport to see me off..its so hard to say good by to him ,i try not to cry cause i dont want him to worry,but as i walked away the tears came rolling down..its just so hard to be so far hoping he will be here in june ..well i hope everyone is doing well .have a good nite