Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday morning

good morning ,got back from my trip to georgia..i had a really great time with my grandson.we did alot of things he kept me busy..the weather was pretty hot,and coming home to cool and rainy days..(yuck) when i was in georgia my camera started acting up and when i tryed to take pic;s it wasnt showing the picture ,i only got two pic's from the whole time i was there,looks like i have to buy another one this will be a third camera within a year..i need to buy a really nice one this time ,ive been buying kodak and i liked it but i think i need to spend more money on a better i dont have any pic;s for now..hope to get some soon,,cant believe its almost sept..where did are summer go..i will miss the summer ,but i do love the fall,its my favorite ,,have a great day and thanks for stopping by,.

Friday, August 21, 2009

friday morning

good morning, im up early im getting ready to go to the airport,going to see my grandson dylan,he is the one in the going there for his birthday,he will be 6...ive been pretty blessed to be able to go and see him again.i miss him so much ,its hard when you live so far grandson tells me i need to move by him ,boy do i wish....the holidays are the hardest..but i guess im dealing with it..once my daughter is 18 ill be able to visit him for the holidays...i will be back on tuesday,,have a great week ,and thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

good morning tuesday

as i was sitting in my living room the other day ,i thought how much i loved these two birds that says faith and cousin dawnie gave me them for my birthday last month,my candles were alittle to big ,but i was happy when she gave them to me..friends ask where did you find them,im not sure where she got them .but they look great in my living room.its really nice when you can get a gift thats something when i have to get a gift i always try to find something that they would never think about,or something that was made by hand.i dont need any more sweaters or pj's ..have a great day!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

lazy sunday

good morning,,when i went out to the deck to drink my coffee this morning ,my kittens were laying on top of each other ,they looked like they had a busy so thats why i called it lazy sunday..we had are rummage sale yesterday,it was alot of work ,every bone in my body aches...i hope to never have another looks like a storm brewing, i hope not..i have a wedding shower to go to ,and its about 20 minutes i hope it doesnt start till i get back i hope you all enjoy your sunday,and thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tuesday afternoon

good morning,hope everyone is enjoying the summer.i figure the end of august will start slowing down,maybe!!!!i sent my daughter off to england this morning,she is going there for a mission trip with her church,she will be there for two weeks,i sure am happy for her ,but i surely will miss her..sunday i had a birthday party for my step daughter,she has been in my life since she was she looks up to me as her mom,she turned 12.. So her dad and i gave her a suprise party she was so happy..these are a few pic's from the party and a few friends..we finally gave her a camera,she has wanted one forever,,but we thought she was to young,but now she seems alot more grown up..and takes care of what she has..thanks for stopping by

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday morning

morning,its a nice sunny day,,going to do some shopping and just chillin at home,,yesterday dawn and greg came for the day,took them down to are lakefront,besides the farmers market ,they had a taste of kenosha,,,they had all differant restaurants and wine venders music,it was really nice,and the weather was great.i came on here last nite to put my pic's on,somehow i hit a wrong thing and it was gone,,i was to tired to go back ,,so i see dawn put her pic's on before me,,lol ,well i had a few differant ones to put enjoy your day...thanks for stopping by

Saturday, August 1, 2009

happy saturday

good morning,its been really nice out ,im enjoying working on my yard and checking out stuff online,being all the summer stuff is pretty much picked over ,but i was very happy to find this red umbrella,ive wanted to get this item since spring,so i thought i would check it out online ,well i found it and what a great price,i bought it 190.oo less then it was...usually ill wait till labor day to see whats left ,but im happy with this, it covers half of the deck..the other day i went to walmart and found two of these statues,not sure what i could call it..but i liked them and i put them in the front of the house...they too were closed out ,for only

10.00 if your looking for some things for your yard ,check out stores online or just looking around for clearances...i hope everyone has a great saturday,,