Thursday, February 26, 2009

thursday afternoon

well it looks like its very foggy out and its going to rain,i have so much mud by our back door,this spring we plan on putting bricks down so in the winter we wont have to deal with the daughter tiffany was at school the other day ,some how she had her hand by the door and someone shut the door not knowing her hand was there,i guess he slamed it pretty hard and she couldnt open the door so will all her pain she was screaming so loud the teachers and students came running to help her ,they called her dad and went to the hospital.they gave her something but couldnt do much cause it was swelled so bad.she is still in pain ,monday she goes to the doctor, they might have to do plastic surgery on her hand,i feel her pain,i just hope everything will be all right..have a good day.......

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wednesday morning

morning, it seems so hard to get back on track after a great vacation,today i start back at work ,and all ready i know i have a heavy load...i sure hope thursday will be alot all ready wishing for the weekend!!!!

as im typing i see how much this room needs to get organized,i have so much mail laying around,and all my scrapbooking stuff is all over the table ,gee i better find time this weekend..time just keeps going by fast..dylan is in his pj's,, fridays at school they get to wear them..he is holding a toy that to work i go..enjoy your day........

Monday, February 23, 2009

monday evening

well i made it back from my four day vacation..i really enjoyed my time with my grandson.and the weather was in the forties and fifties and the grass was nice and green.cant wait to see green around here. dylan (my grandson) has a little sister who just turned one years old,her name is ragen ,she has a differant daddy..but since my grandson calls me nana, she started calling me that too,and her father told me he would love to have her call me that .that made me happy..her mommy got her the pink dress,and ending up taking it off because she torn up the birthday cake ,what a happy dylan is growing so fast and i miss him already ,in fact he took a day off of school cause he wanted to go to the airport to see me off..its so hard to say good by to him ,i try not to cry cause i dont want him to worry,but as i walked away the tears came rolling down..its just so hard to be so far hoping he will be here in june ..well i hope everyone is doing well .have a good nite

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tuesday morning

well it seems i will be having a busy day,it starts with my friend and i are going shopping and out for lunch,then later this afternoon my son and his girlfriend are taking me to the movies and out for dinner. and somewhere in between i have to get my packing done for my trip...i hear we are getting alot of snow,i sure hope they are wrong,im getting sick of all the snow..i have to get some coffee and head out ,i hope you have a great day!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

monday morning

had a very nice weekend, enjoyed everything we today i go to my part time job,,i told my boyfriend i would take him out for supper ,cause on valentines day we spent it with my daughter and his daughter..i told him he can pick out where he wants to is a nice sunny day,i love sitting in my computer room where there. is alot of sun shining in and drinking my coffee..hope you all had a wonderful we have st pattys day coming ,got to find my st pats stuff...since we moved here last year we still cant find all of our stuff..but this spring we will have to get going on finding everything..well enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines

well its been a busy week ,so glad its how is your valentines day ? jim bought me some bubble baths and body sprays from dawnie,i really love them, we are going to my daughters church for a valentines dinner and a puppet daughter is one of the puppets, its not like the hand puppets ,it is as large as a person ,and its a awsome show..i have to get ready,i hope you all have a great valentines day!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


so happy its the weekend!!i got a pretty busy one ,but ill be enjoying gettting so excited to go to georgia,i leave thursday morning ,im going to see my grandson and his family..and i hear the weather is really warm ,,yesterday it was in the 70's,,im all for that..i wish we had that weather ...ill be there for four days ,i wish i could stay longer,but i have to get back to work..well im off to get groceries,,enjoy your friday!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wednesday morning

really enjoyed the warm day,it got pretty windy in fact my cat saw the leaves blowing by my picture window and she ran toward the window and bang she hit her face into the window,,i had to laugh,she had no idea what happened..cats can be so funny!!!i spent some time in my garage looking for some stuff i need ,its so full of stuff so i only found a few things.when spring comes im cleaning it out...well i got to see what im having for supper,enjoy your day!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tuesday morning

what a great day its going to be in the 60's and i will be enjoying the weather,i already went out on my deck and it felt pretty warm already,but this weather wont be around to long ,tomorrow it will be back in the 40's..i cant wait to see the green grass.these pics are from our lake front and the other one is from our down town,its not to big ,but it does have cafes and a few differant kinds of stores.racine is another town very close to has a great little town ,they have so many awsome cool shops.i really enjoy living close to the lake..i only wished i could live on the lake...

Monday, February 9, 2009

monday all ready

the weekends sure fly by ,and its going to rain today ,but that will be good ,cause it will melt the ugly muddy snow..they say tomorrow will be in the 60's and its my day off so i will be enjoying the weather.i really enjoyed my weekend,and i have another busy one next week .as i sit in my little office at my home ,i have two nice size windows,, every morning when i come on the computer i see different birds,i dont know to much about them but i enjoy watching them ,right now there is a little black and white bird,it looks like it has stripes on his back,never seen that one before....i tryed to take a pic of it ,but its to small to see him ,,enjoy your monday,have a great day!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

pic's from saturday

here is dawnie sitting on my couch,then there is her baby genie,

that is the table ,getting ready to sit down,,,the prime rib is half gone already,that was left after we all had our piece,,,thats dawn with our uncle ,who made the prime rib,and the other lady is my i figured it out ,,now i can put more then one pic

sunday evening

what a great week,besides dawn and her husband and there dog genie,we had our uncle over and my mom ,my uncle made the prime rib ,it was awsome!!this pic is dawnie and my daughter tiffany..dawn brought her calming scents with her ,my boyfriend bought some stuff for me for valentines,and my mom and aunt also bought some ,then my ex and his wife came by and she bought some baths stuff ,so dawnie did pretty well ..cant wait to take my bath and soak ..we had pretty good weather this weekend,hope it stays that way!!i tryed to post a few pic at a time but it didny work ,i may try again..have a great nite

Friday, February 6, 2009

good afternoon

it feels so good to be outside ,im guessing it is in the 40's ,tomorrow it will be in the 50's ,but we might get some is my cat ,we call her stinky, when she was younger she passed gas all the time ,and it was alful,i had to laugh cause i never had a cat that did that so we ended up calling her stinky.. she doesnt do that my boyfriend cant use her for enjoy your day!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

happy hump day

well its the start of another day.cant wait for this weekend ,its going to be in the forties,i can handle that!!this picture is from our lake Michigan,i love going there , in the summer they have concerts there and a farmers market,and just a great place to hang out its right next to our little downtown ,which has alot of little cafes and a wine restaurant,and shops..i love checking out little towns ,seeing there shops and restaurants,infact dawnie and i ,our hubbies and dawns twins all headed up toward chicago,stopping at all the little towns ,we really enjoyed it ,we will have to do that again..time to go to work ,enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

tuesday afternoon

a pretty cold day,some furries,i guess this weekend is going to be in the 40"s im all happy with that..i hope we can trust the weather man ,there not always is my little cottage living room,i love the country feel.its a nice room with alot of light.i went down by the lake took some pic"s and took some from my bedroom and my cat..ill post them another day.i had a great day getting all my stuff done from my list..tomorrow back to work.enjoy your evening!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

monday morning

morning ,its nice and sunny ,not sure how cold it is..yesterday was great i didnt even wear a so looking forward to spring...sitting on my deck in the morning was my favorite time of the day,and listening to the crow that appeared every morning..we some how adopted a stray cat ,it keeps coming on my deck.when it was really cold we let him in ,he was a layed back kind of cat,but then we noticed it doesnt know how to use the litter box,so he was leaving crap all over we had to throw him out..there is a story about this uncle lives a few houses away.i was telling him about this cat,this cat has no tail,and my unlce said he knows that cat.the cat used to try and chase the birds he one day he got so bad at the cat he took him in his car and drove a 45 minutes away and left him find another place to bother ..this happened a year or so..a few months later he seen the cat crossing the street by his house ,he couldnt believe that cat found his way back now we just leave food on the deck for him ,but not let him in.. well got to get ready for work ,enjoy your day!!!