Wednesday, April 29, 2009

wednesday morning

good morning , i have a long day ahead of me at work,there have been so many changes, and some times its a good thing but most of the time its just a pain..looks like another windy day ,so far no sunshine..i have to get to work earlier for a staffing,and im running late, so i hope to have a better post tomorrow..enjoy your day!

Monday, April 27, 2009

monday morning

good morning ladies,hope everyone had a great weekend..i really enjoyed visiting dawnie and her husband,we sure had a great time ,did alot of shopping and dawn and her husband made a great dinner,went in the hot tub ,it felt so good..watched a few movies,...and while we were shopping i found some great deals for my yard,and got some cool stuff at the langs the first pic is dawnie and her hubby,then there is me sitting in the chair,the third pic is dawns hubby and my jim,then greg gave dawnie a big hug...and the last one was me dawn and greg.,waiting for greg to cut the cake..well im off to work have a wonderful day..hope you enjoyed the pic's..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

happy saturday

wow we had such great weather yesterday and hopefully today..i took a break from work yesterday,went home and did some stuff in the yard..since people are talking about whats on the wall ,i decided to tell you about this pic,i found it at a good will ,it was one of those pictures that stood out and i really loved it,it looks so Innocent,and i love the dog and the fact he was wearing red white and blue,i have this hanging in my bedroom,this pic reminds me of the old days when our family would go to the 4th of july parade,,which also is my birthday,my mom told me the parade was for me,lol of course i wasnt happy when i found out that my mom had misleaded me.well it was fun for awhile..have a great day ..thanks for stopping ......

Thursday, April 23, 2009

thursday afternoon

we were supposed to be in the 60's by now but its only in the 30's boy did the weather man screw im showing you's the quilt that has pockets for pictures, i loved it when i seen it at the store,i findley found a place for it..the heart says "mom's open 24 hours" it has a few more quotes, like" mom gives comfort when needed,"and "mom aways there with hugs and kisses.i have it hanging in my dining area..well i hoe everyone is having a great thursday,just one more day to the weekend,im spending time shopping and visiting my cousin..thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wednesday morning

well half the week is almost getting excited for the weekend,going to visit my cousin.we are going to do some shopping ,hoppingto find some great fines..i just took this pic of my front yard,it looks so lonely,the grass is finally turning green ,but the tree behind it is a lilac bush,i cant wait to smell them..all our trees are still bare ,whats up with that ,i sure hope they start blooming soon, well i have to get to work ,have a great day ,thanks for stopping by.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

monday morning

morning ladies,well i went to some rummage sale on saturday,didnt really find to much ,but when i stopped at one more rummage sale before i headed home,i found this cute little chicken and it came with eggs,the eggs look like there real,i was so happy to find something that i never had seen before and it had a look like it was really what do you's think about this chick???well im off to work,hope my day goes well ,i sure hope you all have a great monday.......

monday evening

this is our lakefront,i love going for walks ,and sometimes just sitting watching all the boats ,and the people on bikes or roller skating..even on hot days there always seem to have a breeze.the first pic is two of my clients,i just love those guys,ive been working with them for 10 years.when im working with them we always go to the lake front after supper for a nice walk.the house next to a light house was once a house where my guys used to live years ago,now its a landmark ,they did a great redo of the place,i would love to have that house..during the summer we have music outside ,every saturday they have a fresh market,i love going to that,we also have festivals and we also have a electric trolley that goes all around the lake i just wanted to share where i love going in the summer ..have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

monday morning

good morning, another raining day...had a pretty good weekend..on saturday i went to a few rummage sales,but really didnt find anything i liked,but on the way home i stopped at another one ,and i found this cute chicken, she even comes with her own eggs,i just love her..never seen one like this ,but it was something differant ,i have it on my kitchen counter.well im off to work ,thanks for stopping by..

Sunday, April 19, 2009

sunday morning

good morning,yesterday was such a great day we were in the 70's jim and i spendt time putting up are gazbos and putting the furiture where we wanted it ,sprayed all the furiture,washed down the deck ,we still have more stuff to do ,but we felt we did alot for one day,next will be getting some flowers ,it felt so nice just hanging out and taking in the great weather,had to do some baking for my daughters birthday party,i also made bbq,now im finally done for today.i hope everyone enjoyed there saturday ...thanks for stopping by......

Friday, April 17, 2009

friday morning

happy friday,yes the weekend is here..i was going thur some pic's,i had to put this one on.dawnie (calming scents)and i and our hubbys went to lasvegas,i happened to see a couple of the Chippendales standing by a big sign ,they were having ladies come up and get pictures with them ,of course you had to pay for it ,but we couldnt pass that up,i even had one of them pitched my back well dawnie has the pic's with the guys and i got this pic that we took on the way out ,those guys were too fine...we had a great time...enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

thursday morning

good morning,its going to be in the 60's ,and its about time.i hope i can start putting stuff out on the deck,and also the furniture for outside..some of my flowers are popping up,thats a good thing,i what to put more flowers around my of our gazebo got turned upside down ,im hoping we will be able to put it back the way it was ,.there is a store that is going out of business ,and im going to check it out today ,they had alot of stuff for the outside, like furniture,pots,lights ,etc..i went there a few days ago got a few things ,but now i want to get some cushions for my wicker set..i just hope they have some left..i hope you all have great weather,and thanks for stopping by...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

wednesday morning

morning ladies,woke up to early,but thats ok cause i have so much to is my daughters 15 th birthday and its also her golden is a pic from her shopping for her birthday,her best friend took her to the mall,they took pics of every clothes they put on.they are crazy kids.i took her out for dinner and we went to the movies and seen hanna montana movie,i really enjoyed it ,i think most adults would really enjoy that movie today i say goodby to my daughter,she is going to branson mo. with her dad and brothers and his wife,boy do i need a hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!1

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tuesday morning

morning ladies, ive been looking around for things to put in the yard,i found this fairy solar light, isnt she so cute, and as i look around there are so many cute things for the yard, im just waiting for the one that jumps out at me..i want to get all my outside furiture out on the deck and the yard ,its still pretty cool here ,im waiting for a really nice day on a weekend ..hope that will be very off to take my daughter out shopping for her birthday,her bd is on wednesday but she is going to branson Missouri with her dad and im having her today so we can go for lunch and shopping..thanks so much for stopping by

Monday, April 13, 2009

sunday afternoon

i was so happy to get my dining room done before easter,it used to be my office,and since i didnt have a dining area,i decided to make it a dining room,although it is small,but you can have six people at the table ,the second picture is a pic of the battery park in new york,you also can see the statue of liberty,i was at that park once when i was there,when i seen it i knew i had to put it on my wall,and you can see the real color of my room in this pic..i still have to get some curtains..had a great easter,ate to enjoy your monday....

Friday, April 10, 2009

morning good friday

so glad the weekend is here, going to be a busy weekend,im hoping my dining room will be done ,my son seems to have other things to do ,but i told him i would finish it on saturdy ,and of course he wouldnt want to see me do it so i think he will get it done ,,,im really happy with the color,cant wait to fix up the walls..have a busy day ,so many things i have to do,hope you all have a great easter..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wednesday morning

morning,the sun is shining bright,and its going to be in the fifties,hope this is a good sign for warmer weather.i love this picture that i bought last summer at a rummage sale,i thought it was so adorable and would fit in my bathroom.its quite large and perfect where i put it.i was so shocked at the price ,the lady said it was two dollars, im like 'what' i felt i got something great for that price,boy am i getting ready to start doing rummage sales very soon,i love going to them,always looking for something great...have a great day..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

tuesday morning

happy tuesday,love seeing the sunshine today.getting ready to go meet a friend to do alittle redoing my dining room ,i already got the paint,now i have to find things for the walls..i was hoping to get this done before easter,if not that will be ok running late so i hope you all have a great tuesday.............

Monday, April 6, 2009

monday morning

good morning,looking out my window and its still windy and cold,we were lucky not to get the snow we were suppose to get..this pass week was so busy i couldnt find time to get on here.i just hope this week will be alittle bit slower.but then again we have easter coming and everyone comes to my house.and its the only time all our family gets mom is making ham and turkey,i could eat turkey my sister and i do the rest...well got to get ready for work ,enjoy your day!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april fools day

so glad to see april,that means it should warm up very so wanting to get all my outside furiture out of the garage.and our grill so we can start cooking just seems like this winter was the longest i have to figure out what to get my daughter for her birthday,she will be 15 on the 15th,so its her golden bd.i should just give her money cause she is so picky,or i asked her if she wanted to go to chicago to see mary poppins.she always wanted to see a broadway show,maybe she will be like me,i just love broadway shows..well i hope no one makes a fool of ya' have a great day!!!