Thursday, January 29, 2009

thursday afternoon

good afternoon, got away from work for a while,been running around doing errands..we have little furries today and not to cold ..saturday will be a hot spell.. it will be in the 30" looking forward to saturday ,im going to spend the day at my church for a scrapbooking for the ladies ,i got my niece to go with me,it will be great to spend some time with her.i dont see her much...i guess i better get a move on ,still have to get groceries.hope everone has a great day..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

wednesday morning

morning , i woke up really early this morning couldnt go back to sleep,i hate when i do that.but im up and enjoying my coffee and watching out the window looking at the furries coming down ,its so pretty.ive been planning to go see my grandson in febuary ,and when i went on to see how much the tickets were they were really pricey,so last nite i checked again and wow it was way cheaper,so i booked it and now i can relax knowing it done with.i hope the weather in altanta,is better then here..i only see my grandson twice a year ,but this past year i got to see him three times ,i really miss him and just cant wait to see him again...i hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

monday morning

Rise and shine,of course i got up way to early,i was never a morning person but now that im older i cant seem to sleep in..but then again we noticed we are changing as we get older although i do love getting up earlier,i get alot more stuff done.its even better when its summer,the birds are out singing,and the sun feels so good.we even have a crow that showed up every morning sitting in a tall tree next to my daughter tiffany and her cousin jayln,she is three my daughter just adores her..have a great day and thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday morning

decided to stay home this morning,i still have a running nose ,figured it would be better to stay in,,i have alot to do any way ,thur the week im always so just feels good to stay in and do what ever you want to beside being on the computer im going to start my scrapbooking,i try to do it last week ,but it didnt happen..took a pic of my little cottage house.we moved here last year about the same time ..we really downed sized from where i used to live.but for years i always wanted to live back in the country,i used to live in the country when i was married ,and i loved it so much but when we got divorce we had to sell the now im very happy with this house ,im getting used to it being small ,but the best part is we have a huge back yard and a deck that i can sit out in the morning drinking my coffee...spring get here fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

saturday evening

good evening, i havent had a chance to get on here,i really miss coming on ,but at my work the computer hasn"t been working,so once its working ill be able to go on alot more.this is a pic with my boyfriend jim and myself,we were at dawnies house a few weekes ago,so this is where she does all her great lotions and creams,etc.since we were exchanging gifts jim had to put on his santa should of seen the hats that jim and greg had on before this we had a nice weekend with them..we got more colder temps,i really want to go somewhere warm.. don"t we all? hope everyone is enjoying there going to a party ,a bunch of us try to get together after the holidays,so im looking forward to that. stay warm ,and have a good nite..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a great day for all

obama is on his way to the white house,what a day to remember.ive been watching some of it but i cant watch all of it have a busy morning.i should tape it..i only wish i was a guest to watch him become the new president...well im running late ,enjoy your day ..

Monday, January 19, 2009

monday morning

hope everyone enjoyed there weekend.!! i decided to get a few things done around the house,it was kind of hard to clean when the kids are home
as soon as i clean a space ,i turn around and there is more stuff...
so i decided to give it up,the kids ending up going with there dad to the monster trucks ,i used to go to watch them but it gets so loud...i just started back on my scrapbooking,i have so many pic"s will take time but it will be worth january gone yet??? lol

Sunday, January 18, 2009

saturady evening

goodevening havent had much time toget on here,and when i did i couldnt get a pic on here....i always feel once the long cold days are here i would have nothing to do..but thats not true,ive been so busy and i havent had any time to start back with my scrapbooking,i hope i can start tomorrow,but then again something might change,i dont know how i ever did it with three kids and working full time ..and now i dont have to worry about them ,there old enough to be on there owe.except for my daughter,but she is always going somewhere..she does alot with her church..or is it cause the days are getting but all after all ,i believe we love being busy ,doing what we love to do...enjoy your evening ladies......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

tuesaday morning

its pretty cold out today,wish i didnt have to go out in it...i usually take a elderly friend of mine shopping and lunch ..she is almost 90,and if you seen her you wouldnt belive she is that old ,she loves shopping and going to the movies,we go to broadway shows,and sometimes we just amazing to see her just enjoy her life.i couldnt imagine me being that old..with me being in my 50"s i have those aches and pains,bad knees, she has nothing like that..she was really blessed..
this is my back yard ,the snow is so beautiful jim is under one of the gazbos trying to get the snow off the top..enjoy your day ladies...

Monday, January 12, 2009

monday morning

goodmorning, for some reason i really hate mondays ,probably cause i have a xtra job on mondays,my uncle has a little taco place ,its pretty much busy ,i started out just helping him get going ,but now its been seven years..the people that come in there are pretty nice ,but to be honest 70 percent are very rude.its not in the best part of town,i often think about quitting but there still people i enjoy seeing every week....its only five hours,but when my shift is over im a very happy person.....its so hard to believe a person who stops in and doesnt even know you,can be so rude,i could never treat people like ..that....i guess they are really unhappy with there life..hope everyone has a great day!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday afternoon

hope everyone is enjoying there sunday,went to church ,and justi hanging out with my kids,im trying to get my daughter to help me with my blog..but she has other things to i told her she needs to help her mom.,she will once she checks out her my will be kids...or should i say teenager..i have to say its pretty nice outside execpt for all the snow we got ,thank god my uncle plows all our snow ..i spent a couple of hours last nite making my cabbage rolls ,my daughter request me to make it for her,its one of her favorite so today that will be our maybe some of you"s are wondering what happened to this picture..well my grandson and his sister were taking pics for xmas and she was not happy about it .so since she wouldnt stop crying they decided to keep the pic the way it was..i had to laugh,the place they took the pics blew up the pic and putting it up in there store..well enjoy the rest of your day!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

jim and rose..

jim rose weddding

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

wednesday morning

morning ladies, having my coffee,have to go to work ,i work weird hours ,i go in on wednesday and go home saturday morning,im pretty much used to it,, i live in for those three days,i have great clients,two are down syndrome, but are very smart,the other one is mentally challenge, and the other guy is elderly and some what slow..i enjoy them so much ,im the head of the house on my shift.,,of course i can come and go .i get groceries, take them for dr.appt..etc now i want you"s to meet my 14 year old daughter.she knows so much about the computer,i often have her help her name is tiffany,she looks like she 18..she is boy crazy ,she is very involved with the church,and she loves to friends call her mimi me,cause she looks just like me when i was her age..oh there i go yacking ,not sure if i get back on here for a few days ,but enjoy your morning ....thanks for coming by

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tuesday afternoon

good afternoon, my internet was acting out,havent been able to come on ,we had to cal the cable and they helped getting it back up..this a pic from two years ago with my son justin,he just got his eagle scout badge,i was so proud of him..he is 20 now ,loves his job,and very active,loves trying to get down all the christmas stuff..sometimes it feels like alot of work ..i guess i love putting it all up but not taking it down ,i want to thank all the ladies that stopped by,im was trying post on your blogs but only was able to do two ,then my internet started messing Patience,im a blooger virgin..................

Sunday, January 4, 2009

sunday evening

hello ,this is a picture of my only grandson,he is the light of my life..he is only five ,he is so funny and he looks just like his wonder how the littlest things kids do that there dad or moms did when they were little,but im talking about something my son used to do ,he used to spit in the house,he was only around four,but this last summer my grandson started doing grandson would of never knew his dad did just wonder...enjoy your evening...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Me and Jim New Years 2008!

This is me and my partner Jim! We were at cousin Dawnies last year for dinner.

Happy New Year!

hi ,this is my first post,my name is rosemarie,,i had three kids two sons and one daughter,i also have a grandson,,i live in the state of wisconsin,i work with mentally challenge. i love my job,and it makes me realize,that everyone needs love...i have a better half ,we have been together for nine years..i love to travel ,and going to estate sales ,flea markets.,going to casinos,and scrapbooking.