Sunday, May 31, 2009

sunday morning

good morning,nice sunny day!im trying to get my garage cleaned.started yesterday ,but we just have to much stuff,we are having a rummage sale netx week.i always have to have one every year,well with me going to rummage sales all summer ,i have to get rid of some of mt stuff.lolive been looking for a milk can for awhile ,well i found this one for 4.00, i still have to do something with showing you's my shutters we put up yesterday,we were planning on buying some ,but we got lucky ,a friend of mine redid there house,took off there shutters ,so i asked how much for them ,they didnt want anything for them ,they were going to trow them out ,so we took them and painted them to match our front door,that was a great deal,then the two pics of the wickers sets ,the first one was the one i got at a rummage sale for 40.00's and the other one was also 40.00s that one has a rocker chair and another chair ,love seat,coffee table,and a end table,my friend sold me that one..cant beat that price..i guess ive been pretty lucky this month,but alot of my friends are like you get all the good stuff ,but they need to know im out looking all the times ,they harding ever go to rummage sales,so if you want to find some treasures get out and fine them...have a great sunday..thanks for stopping by..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

thursday morning

hello ,waiting on the sun ,hope it shows up soon..i have to say the weather has been pretty good,i had a really nice weekend..sometimes i go for walks in a park that has beautiful scenery,so while i was walking,i took a few pic;s ,they even have a place where you can fill up on spring water,i used to do it but now that i live futher away i don't always get over there,but when i do i enjoy it..there also is a golf course,and you can also cookout...well i hope you all enjoy your day ,i have to get back to work ..thanks for stopping by..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

sunday morning

,it was nice and sunny,so how is everyone enjoying there long weekend? we all have been enjoying the great weather,saturday we went to six flags,jim and i both brought are daughters and it wasnt to busy ,they got on alot of rides..i went on a few and now i feel like some one beat ,, i guess im just getting to old for that stuff.. the first pic is tiffanyand cindy with selvester and porky the pig,the second was a pic of me and tiff on the water logs,then jim and cindy on the water logs.they were in front of us..boy did we get wet.then apic of us trying to get dry,then back to getting wet again..we had a great time ,but i was so tired ,so glad to be back home..i hope you all are enjoying your weekend

Monday, May 18, 2009

monday morning

good morning, hope everyone had a great weekend.saturday i went to see my cousin (dawnie) for her daughters graduation from college.the first pic is of my daughter,and dawnies two grandchildren,having a good time.. the next is dawnies twins ,elisa,tara,and myself..then the twins laying around,the cute little girl is ellie dawns other grandchild.and the last one is my son and tara and my daughter..we had such a great time ,alot of good food and conversation.dawnie little house is so adorable ,it looks bigger then the pic's she puts on.well i hope you's all enjoyed the pic's..have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday morning

,good morning ,,went for a walk at the lakefront,the sky was so beautiful i had to take these pictures.i just sat on the bench and enjoyed the view..well im getting ready to go visit my cousin (dawnie),her daughter is having her graduation, so we will have to leave soon,she lives a hour and half away from where i live..i just hope there wont be any i hope all you ladies have a great day...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wednesday morning

i just love going to the lakefront,the other day i was driving by the lake front ,the sky was so blue ,i had to take a pic of our electric trolley car,i have taken a ride on there a few times,i love seeing that trolley car driving all around the lake ,,we got that trolley a few years ago ,i cant remember where it was before,but kids and adults enjoy taking a ride,during xmas they decorate the car and they even have santa aboard the trolley,giving candy to the kids...if i had my way i would spend alot more time enjoying the views at the lake...well im off to work..hope everyone has a blessed day..

Monday, May 11, 2009

monday morning

well did everyone enjoy your mothers day?i have to say every thing went well , had my mom over for a cookout,then my son and daughter came home with roses for my mom and i ,the flowers were beautiful.had dinner then my daughter wanted to go see a movie,so we went to see the ghost of girlfriends was pretty good and funny ,took my son too and he really enjoyed it ,being it was a chick flick..on saturday my daughter went to the prom ,this is a pic of her before she left,of course she took a tons of pictures but she always seems to take the pic's sideways and i have no idea how to turn them around.she is going have to show me how to do she was so excited and had a great really startng to feel old..she is my youngest.. enjoy your day ,and thanks for stopping by..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mothers day

happy mothers day to all you great women on this im thinking about a great women in my life,she was my grandma, we were very close .and i miss her ,she left us in 1986..she is pictured here with my thing about them ,they were the best cooks ,my grandma made the best lasagna ever,no one has beat it ..if you lived in our town and stopped by my grandparents house ,they would have you sit down and they would set a plate in front of you,filled with spagetti and the best meatballs in town.boy do i miss those there was always food cooking on the stove,she also worked at a restaurant. she was known in our town ,that she had the best Cinnamon rolls in town. people would come there just for her rolls..,she has five children ,and she was always around for everyone.a good hearted for her im saying happy mothers day to my grannie....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesday morning

morning,i guess we are getting rain all day,thats what the weather man getting tired of rain ,i would just love to see sunshine for awhile..i know the flowers need the rain ,but we are getting more then we need.i went to marshalls and found this ,i guess ill call it swinging i really liked it, im going to put flowers in there ,still not sure where im going to put it ,,,,and the best part it was on clearance.,im off to get ready for work, hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

monday morning

morning, what a great weekend,the weather was great ,worked alittle bit on the yard ,cooked on the grill,relaxed in my favorite chair reading my country living..saturday i went to a few rummage sales ,i found these two things for my yard,the one on the left was brand new it still had a price tag on it with the price,the price was 99.00,and the tag she had on it was 10.00.what a deal,i put it in my gazbo, it really looks great there..then i found this bird cage, never was used and i really loved it ,not sure where im putting it ,and i only paid 5.00.. as you can tell i love finding treasures at rummage sales heading out the door to go to work ,i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ,enjoy your monday....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

saturday all day

finally got some flowers,i was so excited to see them ,the tulip is the first one i got so far, but she is so cute..there will be more they just havent opened im just waiting on my lilacs,i love putting them in the house they smell so glad we are in may..i thought it would never get here!!! going to check out a few sales then we are working on the yard and cleaning out our garage..i hope you all have a great weekend ,and great weather..

Friday, May 1, 2009

happy friday

so glad its the weekend,and we are getting good planning on going to more rummage sales tomorrow,they had alot of them in the paper so i cant wait to get to them...i hope i find some new treasures..last week when i was shopping with dawnie she pointed out a thing that shows you how much rain you get,since she had one she loved seeing how much rain came,at that time i thought i dont need one of them ,i could care less about how much rain we get,but the other day i found this cute rain level with the humming birds ,im not sure what they call it,anyways once i seen it i decided i wanted it on my deck,and with all this rain this past week ,we have to cut the grass it sure is growing just glad to see green .lol have a great friday!!thanks for stopping...