Sunday, September 27, 2009

sunday evening

good evening,had a great weekend,went to visit my cousin dawnie and her husband,she lives a hour and half a way..her son just bought a new house near to dawn, they have 10 acres, a pond full of fish,the inside was beautiful,there bedroom and bathroom were so huge ,i was so but i was happy for them ,they just had a third child recently and two older siblings.the first pic is the garage,its a long walk..the next one is me with dawnies grandson,isnt he adorablehe didnt like me to much ,he screamed everytime i picked him up..we dropped off his hot tub,i was trying to take it to my house, the picure of the pond,there dog trys to catch the fish so far he hasnt got any of them...the last pic is dawnie and her husband greg, driving around on the four was a great sunny day ..i really didnt get alot of pic;s inside ,but it is a great house,we left and went to dawnies place ,she and greg made a great dinner and watched some movies ,and got to get in the hot tub,boy did that feel good.i hope you all had a great weekend ...thanks for stopping by

Monday, September 21, 2009

monday evening

finally i got to get all my halloween stuff i was going thur the boxs i couldnt believe all the stuff i dont have room back in the containers ,i move my living room around ,i just like changing things once in night it looks so cozy and warm..we haven tgot the outside done,probably in a week or so.jim is busy working on the landscaping with his sister..thats another project that he is so happy doing..some people say its too early to put up halloween decorations,but like me and dawn ,we both love having it up ,so we can enjoy it for awhile,,and that also goes for well have a great week ,hope to see everyone coming back..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

thursday afternoon

good afternoon,we are having great weather,in the 70's,i dont mine that..we recently had a cook out at my moms summer trailer,she has had this place for 20 kids grew up going there almost every weekend,and some times for a week...its a great place where people care about there yards and always say hi while they are riding there golfcarts..i love driving around in the golf cart ,ya just fill kids couldnt wait til they were 14 so they could drive the carts,my mom also added on a few years ago ,so now its alot bigger.they have a great pool , the first pic is the kitchen, second was me and my sister,the last three are the trailor,the living room and the front of it and the back of it,,many memories have been there ,my mom started a guest book years ago,so when anyone stops by or stays they have to sign the book,when i was there reading back from people who had stopped by ,i had to smile and also sad for those who are not there with us.i hope you enjoyed the little tour ,we love the trailor,hope it stays with us for a long time..

Monday, September 14, 2009

monday morning

morning ladies,had a great weekend.the weather was awsome best friends son was getting married this past saturday,it started out at the church ,then off to the parents house for drinks and appetisers,got to meet alot of family and friends of both of the bride and groom,although i knew most of the grooms family,i used to babysit the groom..he turned out a great man...
the first pic is the groom and his cousins
my son and the bride
jim and me
groom and bride,with uncle
my best friend of 46 yrs,and me outside from the church..we really had a great time,i danced too much,my body ached so bad when i left,,it was great seeing all my friends from high school..well thanks for stopping by ,have a great day!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

happy saturday

good afternoon,ive been busy running around getting things for are yard..while i was in georgia, jim and his talented sister did work on my front yard, when i got back home i pulled up in the drive way,i stopped so fast and thought wow,it looks so better then before ,i just loved what they did..his sister wants to come back and do more stuff in my yard,i love to decorate but im not good with the outside ,im so happy she wants to do all i said before i dont have a green thumb..she has a beautiful yard ,she really enjoys doing things in her yard,so i thought i would share this with you's ,thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

wednesday morning,,(im back)

good morning,had a really nice time in galena,it was so full of bikers and tons of people,looked like everyone was having a great time..they have great shops ,and great restaurants..we also went to iowa to the casino,played for a few hours then we friend seemed to be very happy with the town and the trip.the scenery was can see the back ground with the picture of ann and i ...we went on a trolley ride and i took a pic from this mansion,it was beautiful.then there is a old train station in the 1800's ,im not sure what it is now..the last pic is the house of U.S.GRANT...the president in the 1800's....he lived there before he got to be the president..well im staying home for awhile,its been a great ride ,but miss my kids and enjoy your day....