Wednesday, January 7, 2009

wednesday morning

morning ladies, having my coffee,have to go to work ,i work weird hours ,i go in on wednesday and go home saturday morning,im pretty much used to it,, i live in for those three days,i have great clients,two are down syndrome, but are very smart,the other one is mentally challenge, and the other guy is elderly and some what slow..i enjoy them so much ,im the head of the house on my shift.,,of course i can come and go .i get groceries, take them for dr.appt..etc now i want you"s to meet my 14 year old daughter.she knows so much about the computer,i often have her help her name is tiffany,she looks like she 18..she is boy crazy ,she is very involved with the church,and she loves to friends call her mimi me,cause she looks just like me when i was her age..oh there i go yacking ,not sure if i get back on here for a few days ,but enjoy your morning ....thanks for coming by