Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday morning

decided to stay home this morning,i still have a running nose ,figured it would be better to stay in,,i have alot to do any way ,thur the week im always so just feels good to stay in and do what ever you want to beside being on the computer im going to start my scrapbooking,i try to do it last week ,but it didnt happen..took a pic of my little cottage house.we moved here last year about the same time ..we really downed sized from where i used to live.but for years i always wanted to live back in the country,i used to live in the country when i was married ,and i loved it so much but when we got divorce we had to sell the now im very happy with this house ,im getting used to it being small ,but the best part is we have a huge back yard and a deck that i can sit out in the morning drinking my coffee...spring get here fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!