Sunday, January 11, 2009

sunday afternoon

hope everyone is enjoying there sunday,went to church ,and justi hanging out with my kids,im trying to get my daughter to help me with my blog..but she has other things to i told her she needs to help her mom.,she will once she checks out her my will be kids...or should i say teenager..i have to say its pretty nice outside execpt for all the snow we got ,thank god my uncle plows all our snow ..i spent a couple of hours last nite making my cabbage rolls ,my daughter request me to make it for her,its one of her favorite so today that will be our maybe some of you"s are wondering what happened to this picture..well my grandson and his sister were taking pics for xmas and she was not happy about it .so since she wouldnt stop crying they decided to keep the pic the way it was..i had to laugh,the place they took the pics blew up the pic and putting it up in there store..well enjoy the rest of your day!!!!