Thursday, October 15, 2009

pic;s from my trip to detroit

good afternoon,i recently went to detroit for a long weekend,the weather was about the same that we had in wisconsin,i only hoped it would warm up alittle bit,but i did have a good time,they have three casino there ,i checked out all three and was suprised to see so many people in each one we went was like a little vegas,i have to say i did get some money,most of the ones i played gave me money back so that made me feel better.i find the people there were very nice ,especially the staff at the holiday inn,the first pic is the tigers baseball stadium , the next one is a view from detroit looking over the river at canada,can you see Cesars casnio? its the tallest one on the left,the next is a view from are window looking down of downtown,the next is my friend who lives in flint , i stopped and visit her and her husband,it was so great to see her,i met her on one of my boards,this was the second time i got to see her..the last pic was me in front of motown, i was so excited to see it,so i had to get a pic in front of it.ill tell you i was so happy to get home ,i did so much walking and driving all over the place ,but im glad i went ,so thanks for stopping by ,have a good day!!