Saturday, March 14, 2009

saturday afternoon

these are pictures i found that my mom had ,the first pic is my grandma and maybe her brother,im not sure,the second pic is my grandma on the left with her sister,then both of my grandparents,it was a good find ,i havent seen these pics in a long time ,i love the ones that are so old like the two pics ,they were probably from the 40's,my grandma would deck out when she would go out ,big earring a lot of rouge, red lipstick and some times big hats. i took after my grandma with the big earrings,i love them...i will always treasure these pic's.i only wish i had more.. im going to see movie with a friend,then later going to meet up with my good friend and her husband,for i thought i didnt have any thing planned for today ,so im happy about that , i hope everyone has a great saturday..