Monday, May 3, 2010

my nieces birthday party

well i finally got on here ,life has been so busy,and i havent been taking any pictures lately,but my daughter sure took alot of picks lately and these pic's from my nieces 6 year birthday party last week..the first pic is my sister and my daughter,
tiffany showing everyone her prom dress,we just bought it before we got to the party so she decided to put it on to show
tiffany is with the birthday girl she is a doll..the last is me and my best friend for 48 years.. it was alot of fun,its great when you get together with your family,it just seems everyone is so busy..ill try to stop in more .thanks for stopping by..

Sunday, January 31, 2010

sunday 1/31

well its been awhile since ive been here ,my camera was not working again.i really need to buy a new one.but here are some pic's my son had ,my son goes to see the bucks game every week ,then he stays so he can get autographs,he has so many already.thats my older son and his little brother,from his dads wife.then the pic of the girls are all my girls first the one on the left is my daughters stepsister,then the one below is a differant stepsister.mine is on the right so glad they all get along..its just a big family.and all the girls really enjoy coming to my house they say im the best mom that was so nice of them to say that..but i reall enjoy them..ill try and stop by soon .hope you all are doing well ,stay warm ,im waiting on spring....