Thursday, August 27, 2009

thursday morning

good morning ,got back from my trip to georgia..i had a really great time with my grandson.we did alot of things he kept me busy..the weather was pretty hot,and coming home to cool and rainy days..(yuck) when i was in georgia my camera started acting up and when i tryed to take pic;s it wasnt showing the picture ,i only got two pic's from the whole time i was there,looks like i have to buy another one this will be a third camera within a year..i need to buy a really nice one this time ,ive been buying kodak and i liked it but i think i need to spend more money on a better i dont have any pic;s for now..hope to get some soon,,cant believe its almost sept..where did are summer go..i will miss the summer ,but i do love the fall,its my favorite ,,have a great day and thanks for stopping by,.