Monday, April 20, 2009

monday evening

this is our lakefront,i love going for walks ,and sometimes just sitting watching all the boats ,and the people on bikes or roller skating..even on hot days there always seem to have a breeze.the first pic is two of my clients,i just love those guys,ive been working with them for 10 years.when im working with them we always go to the lake front after supper for a nice walk.the house next to a light house was once a house where my guys used to live years ago,now its a landmark ,they did a great redo of the place,i would love to have that house..during the summer we have music outside ,every saturday they have a fresh market,i love going to that,we also have festivals and we also have a electric trolley that goes all around the lake i just wanted to share where i love going in the summer ..have a great day!!!!!!!!!!