Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tuesday morning

morning,i guess we will be having rain most of the day. im showing you's my little bath room,i guess when you have a little cottage home ,you can expect a little bath room,i decided i wanted a beach side theme,this pic has a picture that says seaside,i love that pic,got that from 7th ave,the one above on the left has three selfs with sea shells on the top .its perfect for what i need in that room..we plan on painting it soon i hate white walls.and the other pic was also bought at 7th ave,cant wait to get it painted..well im off from work ,im going to 7th ave to find a basket for dawnie,i hope they still have some left.i know ill be walking out with a few things for myself..lol enjoy your tuesday...

Monday, March 30, 2009

monday morning

good morning ,well most of the snow melted and that makes me happy..today i just wanted to see what you can get pretty much cheap..i bought these table mats at boston store ,they are liz claiborne , between the two placemats and two napkins it only cost six dollars,one placemat was eight dollars so that was a deal ..then the rooster plates i got from 7th ave cost me 25cents for each plate and salad bowl..i really love them ..the white pitcher was five dollars ,then i seen the country door basket,ive wanted to buy it but it was to high ,they wanted 46.00,well the other day at 7th ave they had a great sale i got the basket for 16.oo,i keep my throw blankets in there.i love going to that store ,there always getting new stuff every week..and alot cheaper then in the catalog.i almost forgot to tell you the white country table is also from 7th ave. the catalog is way to expense..enjoy your monday!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

sunday afternoon

well we got at least three or more inches of snow,the only thing i love about it, is how beautiful it looks from the inside..it will probably be gone by tuesday ,it will be in the forties this week..i had got alot of things done around here on saturday,so today im just playing on here and checking out a new video i rented..its my day to relax and chill..hope all you ladies enjoy your sunday...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

thursday morning

well its getting closer to the weekend,i have to say this week went pretty fast..well at least for me..i got to go shopping ,we have a birthday party at a really nice restaurant.its for one of my clients...so i have to find something for his birthday..the restaurant has great food,great prime rib...i think i will be having that..lol i hear we might get a little bit of snow on saturday,now that really sucks..how much more can we take..not sure what ill be doing this weekend,it will be fine if i dont do anything , i need to start making my cards,,i bought some card stock and a few other things to make the cards ,this is all new to me so i hope i can make them really cute.well need to get ready and have some coffee ,i hope your day is a full of happiness ....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wednesday morning

morning everyone.getting ready to go to work.
i recently went to jc pennys,i found a dress for my daughter,she will need it for the spring dance.i wasnt even looking for one at that time,but there was a big sale so i thought i would check it out.i found this dress(in the pic)it was her size,and the full price was 110.00, i got it for 8.00 dollars,what a deal ,and my daughter loved the dress,whew i wasnt sure if she would like it but i would take the chance for that price..so shes happy and im happy..it also has a long black scarf.have a great wednesday.......

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

tuesday morning

good morning,just took some pic's from the two little babies that my cat gave birth a couple of weeks ago ,they are so cute .now i have to get her fixed,i only wish they could stay that little.going out shopping today with a friend ,hope to get home a little earlier,i still have alot to do before work tomorrow..finally seeing green in my yard,and cant wait for the flowers to come out ,cant wait to see the trees bloom .april is just around the corner.have a great day..

Monday, March 23, 2009

monday morning

here it is monday ,it sure gets here fast..i had a very nice weekend ,this pic is from saturday,im holding my great niece,she turned 4 she is such a cutie.they had alot of people show up ,nice to see some of the family on my nieces side..she got alot of nice summer clothes and of course dolls,then on sunday my boyfriend actually went to church with me,he never goes except for easter..lol not sure what got in to him....but i was happy..my son had his little half brothers over on sunday,hanging out with there big brother,so it was a great weekend ,got to relax and catch up with other things.so i hope everyone had a great weekend..

Friday, March 20, 2009

happy spring

so here is spring doesnt feel like it.i have two appt,for my clients today,then later im taking a break and going home for a few hours ,after almost 60hrs i need a break ,so glad tomorrow is saturday..i cant wait to see the flowers blooming..ill have to by more pots to put the flowers in..so whats up for the weekend? im going to my great nieces birthday party,then out for dinner..i think i will be lazy on sunday,just watch movies and relax.so i hope everyone has a great weekend...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

thursday afternoon,

finally got a chance to stop in,had doctor appt for one of my clients,now back to get some paper work done.its pretty chilly out ,i want the warm weather back..jim (my boyfriend) started putting stuff outside and on the deck..now we just wait...for great weather..i actually seen some green on my lawn..thats a good sigh..lol well not much more to say ,enjoy your day ....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

wednesday afternoon.

good afternoon,im still clinging to my job,its been a ride,there is so much going on around here..i need a vacation..like right now..if they dont hire some people i wont be able to go anywhere,i sure hope they find someone soon..i can feel the worst isnt even over..well any way i am just doing paper work ,then start supper for my clients ,and more paper work ,i guess it will be better after they get all this stuff organized..and i wont have to do so much paper work..other then that ,ive been watching american idiol since it started,and i pretty much have picked the winner,but now i have so many favorites i just cant make up my mind..let me know who is your favorite...well got to start supper ,have a wonderful day..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st pattys day

its going to be in the high 60's today,and i have to work ,hopefully i will get a break and enjoy this weather..i really want to start putting out my outdoor furiture..i love sitting on my deck and its been so long,so i might put a few things out so we can sit out there..i have another long week at work,we are also short handed at work ..one of our part time girls took off for a month,so now its going to be hard trying to fill in some of the weekends..i just hope they hire some one soon. well at least i have something to look forward to ,on saturday the church has a cornbeef and cabbage, they have a good turn out every year,i dont like making it ,but i love eating it..lol so enjoy your st pattys day,and hope your getting warm weather too..........

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sunday morning

what a nice sunny day ,we are going to be in the 50's today,im guessing it will only go up with the temps..finally we will have spring..as i was going thur pic's that my mom had i came across of this pic,its dawnies kids,well at least two of them ,the two boys for sure not sure who the other one is..arent they sooo cute..i was thinking about doing some cleaning for awhile ,then get out and enjoy the warm day.. i have another long week at work ,so i figured i would do something besides cleaning all day..hope everyone enjoys there day too...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

saturday afternoon

these are pictures i found that my mom had ,the first pic is my grandma and maybe her brother,im not sure,the second pic is my grandma on the left with her sister,then both of my grandparents,it was a good find ,i havent seen these pics in a long time ,i love the ones that are so old like the two pics ,they were probably from the 40's,my grandma would deck out when she would go out ,big earring a lot of rouge, red lipstick and some times big hats. i took after my grandma with the big earrings,i love them...i will always treasure these pic's.i only wish i had more.. im going to see movie with a friend,then later going to meet up with my good friend and her husband,for supper..here i thought i didnt have any thing planned for today ,so im happy about that , i hope everyone has a great saturday..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wednesday morning

so much for warm weather.down to 30degrees today..i hope next week breaks out some warm weather..i spendt some time yesterday going thur pictures of my sisters and my parents and all of our kids,what i thought it would be really borning ,but i had a great time ,my sister and i were looking at the pic's and laughing so hard about the way we dressed and it was all about the hair do..in the 70's i had a afro,in the 80's a malet (not sure thats the right name)and in the 90's wasnt bad ,just a full head of hair.it was so great to find pic's of family that has passed on,it's like seeing them again all over and boy do i treasure them...im just so glad i took the time to spend with my sister and have a great laugh doing it..have a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

tuesday morning

another rainy day,i feel like its taking forever to get spring..tomorrow cold again .i guess there is nothing we can do about it,unless we move..lol got up pretty late today,i guess i really needed the sleep.today im going to take my car to emissions, stop by my moms and back home to do some cleaning,after that im relaxing and catching up on the shows i taped...its one day i have the house all to my self,every one ..else is working ..enjoy your day!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

monday afternoon

this is my daughter dog at her dads house .they call her snow ball,she is so funny and has alot of energy!!she may be small in this pic but she is getting so big .she remines me of the movie marley and me,she knocks down everything in her path..i want to get a dog but im guessing i would not have enough time for the dog ..i love dogs had many in my life...i hope one day i will bring home a dog,we had so much rain the last two days,today is warm and tomorrow back to being cold,no wonder people get sick..hope your weather is better then mine..enjoy your day!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunday morning

another rainy day.and alot of mud!! but i am happy to see the weather is getting warmer.it has been a very long week ,then i finally got done on saturdy morning ,forgetting that i had signed up for a scrapbooking class,it was from 9am till 9pm,oh darn i was so beat but i went any way.and now im glad i went ,i really relaxed and got alot done.the best part is meeting new friends ,i had two ladies next to me and we really had alot of things in common.we shared stories of our lives and just had fun .we exchanged phone # and emails..i feel there is always room for another friend..i didnt stay as long as everyone,i left after dinner,the chairs were'nt that comforable.next time im bringing a pillow for my chair...,im off to church...have a blessed day!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

monday morning

well its a nice sunny day,but still very cold.we had light snow last nite,at least it was good for something,it covered all the mud in my yard.....it seemes everyone is complaining about the weather ,but when the summer heat comes i will be ok with it ,this cold is just taking a toll on alot of people.i really wish i was laying on a beach and swimming in the ocean or lake,or swimming pool..lol well at least march is here and it shouldnt be to long before we get higher temps..got to get ready for my day,i hope everyone has a blessed day!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

sunday afternoon

well its the end of the weekend,how fast it can go..i usually have a 48 hr shift but this week i have 66 hrs.ill be doing this shift every other week.,,my boss is off for awhile so i dont know how long this will be..if it was summer out i would not want to do it,but for now ill be ok with it..my daughter is seeing another doctor for her hand,not sure what they will have to say,she still has pain in her hand.....went to a birthday party for one of my clients today ,he was so excited ..being he is down syndrome , he just loves partys,and getting gifts is a plus..so now im hanging out ,my kids went to a hockey game so its nice and quiet around here...hope everyone that stops by enjoy your sunday..